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Drug Possession

Drug PossessionscaleHave you been charged with a drug-related crime and need a drug possession attorney?

Marcus D. Wilcox has personally handled over 2,500 cases such as these throughout his career and is exceptionally familiar with the procedures, practices, Judges and prosecutors. He will help you clearly understand your rights and options and achieve the best
possible outcome for your situation during this difficult time in your life.

Below you will find some basic information about drug-related offenses.

There are several different types of drug crimes and issues that arise when charged with such a crime.

If you are charged with a drug crime, you may be subject to losing your license through the Secretary of State of Michigan.

There are programs available such as 7411 for those being accused of a first time drug possession change that may help keep you from having a conviction.

These are some of the typical drug possession scenarios.

 Possession of Marijuana

This is a typical case whereby the prosecutor charges you with possessing an amount of marijuana and you don’t have a medical marijuana card or you’re outside the legal limits of the use of your card.   The first offense for possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor and license sanctions through the Secretary of State will apply.    Generally speaking, hiring an attorney you may make you eligible for a program called 7411, which will keep the charge off of you public record and not be subject to license sanctions.  If you are convicted of possession of marijuana then you will most likely be placed on probation and have fines and costs to pay. Your overall record and other factors will determine if you will be required to serve any jail time.  A second possession of marijuana is a felony.

 Possession of a Controlled Substance

The prosecutor will typically charge you with this offense if you are found to be in possession of any other kind of drug besides marijuana. This will include possession of heroin, cocaine, adderall, vicodin, and many other substances.   Normally you are faced with a felony charge if you are caught with any illegal substances.  The prosecutor will wait a period of time before charging you while the substance is sent to the lab for analysis.  You may be eligible for a 7411 program depending on your prior criminal record which may help you avoid losing your license and having a public record.

Distribution/Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance

You may be charged with the intent to distribute if you are caught with a large amount of a substance, baggies, scales, packaging and other items that are known drug paraphernalia. The fact that you didn’t sell to anyone does not preclude the prosecutor from bringing formal charges against you.   Normally there is a several month delay from the date of the alleged offense and you being formally charged because they will send any of the alleged drugs or materials to the lab for verification of a controlled substance.  Some of the factors that will be take into account to determine your sentence if convicted of a delivery/manufacturing charge are; the specific drug and the amount and the frequency of the alleged sale or distribution.

In many drug-possession cases, an undercover law enforcement officer is part of the arrest which is an additional factor that must be considered when evaluating your case.

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