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Driver’s License Appeals

Driver's License AppealsscaleThe State of Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) is a separate entity from the local courts and has the power to suspend or revoke your license for various reasons. The normal process for having your license privileges either suspended or revoked is after a conviction from the court system. Once you plead guilty to a charge, the local court with send the information over to the SOS and they will suspend your license depending on the charge you plead guilty to. There are other reasons that your license may be suspended as well, for points or not paying your fees to both the Department of Treasury and the SOS.

The normal process for getting your license back is to have a Driver’s License Hearing normally referred to as a DLAD hearing. This is where you and I go to a specific SOS
location, normally in Flint or Ann Arbor, and have a hearing with a SOS official. The hearing normally takes approximately a half an hour and there are specific items that will need to be addressed. Our office will formally go over the most likely questions and the appropriate answers. The following are some of the items and things that you will need to have prior to the SOS hearing:

  1. A substance abuse evaluation- within 90 days
  2. A 10 panel drug screen
  3. An ignition lock Final report- if necessary
  4. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sign in sheets or the equivalent- letter from sponsor
  5. Documentation of sobriety- 3 to 6 letters notarized describing relationship, frequency of seeing you, length or relationship, last time you last time you used alcohol  or controlled substances, participation in activities, changes in your life, any other important information
  6. Any other positive information that you can obtain from the last two- three years.

Wilcox Law will sit down with you and go over the information that you need as well as the necessary questions and issues that you will encounter in the process. Dealing with the SOS is a unique process and our office will be there to ensure that you have the best chance of getting your license back and re-establishing a normal life.


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