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Criminal Law Attorney in Livingston CountyHave you been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony in Livingston County? Charges such as an OWI or DUI, drug possession, domestic violence, or other crime? Do you need an experienced Livingston County criminal defense attorney?

Marcus Wilcox is a criminal defense attorney in Livingston County who has handled over 2,500 criminal law cases throughout his career. He works with the Livingston County Judges and prosecutors on a daily basis and knows how to effectively navigate the processes and procedures to get the results you deserve.

Mr. Wilcox has been practicing criminal law in Livingston County for over 20 years. He has daily communication with the Judges and prosecutors. Knowing the processes and procedures of the local court system and the tendencies of the local staff administration is critical when it comes to giving you the best chance of reducing the charges against you.  Having an attorney on your side that can navigate the complexities of the criminal law proceedings will ensure no missteps are made that could be cause for unnecessary and additional penalties.

Mr. Wilcox can tell you exactly what to expect and the necessary steps to take to help the Judges and prosecutors realize you are doing everything within your power to correct the situation moving forward.

Criminal Charges

Criminal charges have to do with violations of the law that regulate social conduct. These laws attempt to deter acts that are threatening, harmful, or endanger property, health, safety, and the moral welfare of people.

Each state has its own penal code which will determine what is or is not a crime. Criminal charges are generally categorized as either felonies or misdemeanors with each having its own set of penalties.

When charged with any one of the violations listed below, it’s advisable to work with a criminal law attorney who can help navigate the complexities associated with a criminal charge.

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